Feature image

Main Features

  • Individual drive per spindle
  • Pre-feeding motor for yarn coming from knitted fabric to regulate yarn tension
  • Speed of pre-feeding motor and drum motor can be changes to have a hard or soft package as desired
  • Soft start so that yarn does not break during startup
  • Lower creel provided for cone to cone winding
  • Traverse - 6"
  • Auto stop on yarn breakage
  • Auto stop and brake on yarn entanglements
  • Cicular disc yarn clearer
  • Motorized Waxing
  • Non contact type yarn sensor
  • cone holder sutiable for tubes and cones tuto 5.57 degree cones
  • Sutable for recovering from 2 to 8 ends from knitted fabric
  • Stepless speed variation from 0 to 1200 mpm by frequency inverter