Main Features

  • Machine arrangement - single/double sided
  • Max no. of Spindles per machine - 160(in multiples of 10)
  • Installed power per spindle - 0.075Kw
  • Input voltage - 220/380/415v three phase
  • Individual motor on every spindle
  • Stepless speed variation from 200mpm to 1200mpm by frequency inverter
  • Yarn sensing by electronic non contact type detector
  • Hard aluminium anodized drum of 2 or 2.5 turns
  • Adjustable disc slub catcher
  • Motorised waxing device
  • Electronic anti patterning
  • Single/Double sided cone holders with bearings for cones and tubes from 0 degree to 5.57 degree cones.(Single sided cone holders avilable on special request)

  • Maximum take-up package dia:300mm

Optional Extras

  • Length measuring system
  • Splicer
  • Over head travellign cleaner
  • Liquid waxing
  • Double waxing